Conductive Containers and Systems

Electronic components are easily destroyed during transportation and production due to electrostatic discharge or mechanical damage. EL, our electrically conductive warehousing and transportation system, provides two-fold protection:

  • Electrically conductive plastic prevents destruction through electrostatic discharge.
  • Tough plastic containers protect their contents against mechanical damage, soiling and moisture.

The EL electrically conductive plastic container offers:

  • a surface resistance of 104 Ohm/cm,
  • a specific volume resistance of 500 Ohm/cm

The products therefore comply with the requirements of IEC 60093 and 60167.

The following products are available in electrically conductive material:

  • RAKO
  • Cases
  • Removable Boxes for Containers
  • Containers with Tray Guide Rails
  • Printed Circuit Board Grids
  • Pallets



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